The MobAlt app

Mobalt brings you the best alternatives for the mobility solutions available on the territory.

Once the best alternative for your needs has been found, MobAlt allows you to directly book seats and transport means.

The app is available both on iOS and Android.

Video tutorial
Business users only
  • Download MobAlt app and business users subscription
    Business users only
    Is your company subscribed to Centrale di Mobilità? Do you want to register with your company code? Watch this video tutorial to discover how to download the app and subscribe as a business user.
  • Download MobAlt app and free users subscription
    Are you curious to know MobAlt and to explore the transport means it offers, but your company is not registered with the Centrale di Mobilità? No problem! Download the app and sign up as a "free" user.
  • Password reset
    Did you forget the password to log in to your account? In just a few clicks, you receive an email that allows you to enter a new password for the MobAlt app.
  • Chat
    Business users only
    Are you searching a way to contact other users of your company subscribed to MobAlt? Do you want to quickly contact MobAlt staff? Use the Chat of the app!
  • Chat for free users
    Do you want to quickly contact MobAlt staff? Use the Chat of the app!
  • Exploration of alternatives offered by MobAlt
    Search and explore the details of the best mobility alternatives for your trip from home to work, or any other itinerary you desire.
  • Booking of a ticket for the shuttle
    Business users only
    Book your seat on board of a MobAlt shuttle or any other private shuttle contracted with our business service. Learn to use the electronic ticket as title of transport.
  • Booking of a ticket for the public transport
    Business users only
    Book daily passes and weekly subscription for public transport. You can also reserve transport title for different means that cover the whole itinerary or part of it. The tickets are delivered directly at your company.
  • Booking of a ticket for Park+Rail
    Business users only
    Every time you want to take the train your problem is where to park? Rely on the Park + Rail solution: buy a single ticket that allows you to leave your car close to the station and board your train.
  • Booking an e-bike
    Business users only
    Have you always wanted to try an electric bike? MobAlt gives you this free opportunity for a week.
  • Booking of the carpooling option
    Business users only
    You have just found a carpooling team that is perfect for you itinerary? Follow this tutorial to know how to contact it!
  • Creation of a new carpooling team
    Business users only
    Become the driver of a new carpooling team by entering your itinerary in the MobAlt app.
  • Credit card payments
    Business users only
    Pay easily with your credit card the mobility services you have used.